Beach Brewing Company – Virginia Beach, VA

Beach Brewing Company is putting Virginia on the beer lovers’ map. What Virginia Beach lacks in powerful, short-board rideable waves, it makes up for with booze, specifically, Beach Brewing Company.

About These Guys: Justin MacDonald (above) is the founder and president of Beach Brewing Co. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in economics and a Master of Business Administration from Old Dominion University, Justin turned his passion and hobby for brewing quality beer into a career. Since late 2010, Beach Brewing Co. has been bringing hope and peace to born-again beer drinkers throughout south eastern Virginia.

The tasting room smells good. Really, really good. The interior is decorated with surfboards and chalk boards that list the available brews. The taps are right up front and they’ll gladly go through the gamut with you, explaining each characteristic and ingredient. It’s okay if your pallet cannot yet differentiate between a cascade and an amarillo hop; these are stand-up, friendly guys who love talking brew with their patrons, whether you’re a hop-head enthusiast or a passive “one with dinner” beer drinker. They’ve got glassware, shirts, and hats for sale as well. You can purchase growlers, bottles, or kegs of beer to-go (my sister got a few kegs from them for her wedding last spring, and they were a hit; every Uncle Marty and Cousin Steve were asking where the beer came from)


Beach Brewing Co. alone is worth the trip to Virginia Beach. These down-to-earth folks share a true passion and it comes across in every aspect of their brewery – from the tastes, to the service, and the beer puns. We hope you’ll stop by and meet the guys and taste their hard work for yourselves.

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