Downtown Norfolk’s “Field Guide” – I’ll Never Eat Anywhere Else Again (Sorry, Mom)

The food is so good you actually won’t be able to eat it; you will be too busy smearing it all over your face and chest.

I had a good buddy from college coming down for the weekend. We are at the age where we’re too young to sit at home and watch Netflix on a Friday night, but too old to go creepily meandering from bar to bar (wait, I take that back). Having lived in Hampton Roads for the majority of my life, I have a number of go-to spots I like to take friends and family for a proper outting. We were feeling adventurous (within a 15 minute radius) and I consulted a friend whose pallet and judgement I admire and trust. I couldn’t quite describe the vibe I was seeking, so I just threw a scenario at her:

“Your post-hipster uncle comes in town from Maine and wants a place he can get a sizeable sandwich (Reuben or burger), hearty brew, rustic fries, and not be annoyed by the other patrons. Where do you take him?”

“Field Guide.”

Man, was she spot-on.

Looking around you’ll quickly notice that the food is ridiculous – beautifully displayed and just piled on.

Gumbo, bro.

Gumbo, bro.

The place has huge family-style tables so it feels like you’re eating in a log cabin cafeteria in the middle of Montana.

One bathroom’s wallpaper is literally old field guides (how to tie knots, what plants not to eat), and I’m TOLD that the other is a bunch of shirtless dudes or something.

I want to highlight:

– Happy hour prices were great.
– They had a number of local brews on tap (and some interesting cocktails).
– There was a wait (for good reasons) and the staff was very concerned with keeping us up-to-date on when a table would be ready. They even comped a round of drinks for us (we tried to refuse but weren’t very good).
– Two different employees (besides our waiter) checked on us during our meal to make sure we were happy with the food, drinks, and overall service (they were very genuine too).
– No problem splitting up our smorgasbord of drinks, apps, entrees, and desserts at the end.
– Portions are a’plenty.

Now that the weather is warming up, they’re opening up the garage door at the front so nothing but a bar (and hopefully a massive drink) separates you and Granby Street. I really hope restaurants with this amount of character, superior service, and overall passion are the future, and what hopefully gives Granby Street the shot in the arm that it so desperately needs. Field Guide, I salute you!

The picture below is from their Facebook page.
‘Like’ them and check out all of the other amazing things they are doing.

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