Old School Virginia: Putting Off-the-Map Gems on the Map

Photo © 2013 VIRGINIA TOURISM CORPORATION, Used with Permission

Photo © 2013 VIRGINIA TOURISM CORPORATION, Used with Permission

Most people have pulled into a rest station off the highway after entering a new state, walked inside and seen the 3700 pamphlets encapsulating some pretty miserable looking tourist attractions (Harrisonburg’s Quilt Museum, I’m looking at you). There is also a cheesy pirate adventure ship I often see navigating Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach. Every patron over the age of four looks like they’d rather be at a quilt museum. It can be pretty daunting to sift through the literature and see which ones call to you. Even an area’s more conventional attractions can be largely hit or miss, especially among different generations.

This site exists to steer folks toward the more genuine bits with rustic appeal – arguably less glamorized and definitely more rich in character – that Virginia has to offer, so it was awesome to find out that Virginia Tourism Corporation has launched a new campaign, Old School Virginia, doing just that. It’s “inspired by the state’s vintage vibes: well-loved country stores, diners, drive-ins and soda fountains just waiting to be rediscovered.” They explore much more than this, including iconic music locations, rural craft breweries, rolling country roads…the promo video is much more stimulating than text:

They even have an interactive site where you can make and view user-submitted ViewMaster-style picture reels (remember those viewers from your childhood with the rotating picture wheels of dinosaurs?).

This Old School Virginia campaign is truly what culture and travel are all about. Much more featuring their road trip ideas will be posted and featured on this site. Check back to see what all the fuss is about, or better yet, go out and experience Virginia’s lifeblood for yourself!

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