Blue Lab Brewing Co. – Lexington, VA

Lexington is an great little town. My brother-in-law’s father lives there and the first time we got off 81 and were heading down main street, he introduced it to me as “Lexington: where everyone has either written a book or can’t read.” It’s always been a good weekend escape. The town is lush with history, character, and old-time charm. Most of the homes are beautifully restored Victorians, within walking distance to a handful of some really fun and original restaurants. And the rich Civil War history, along with VMI, maintain a charming military prestige throughout this town. Have I sold you yet? So you can imagine our excitement when we learned, adding to the bragging rights this place already has, that they now have a micro-brewery: Blue Lab Brewing Company.

BLBC certainly embodies all that is southern hospitality. There were a few different groups there, and even though we were at different intervals of testing their full gamut, each group got a plenty of attention.


The staff inside (two brewers and their respective wives) went into full depth explaining each beer, its qualities, what makes it unique, and then genuinely answered any questions the non-micro-brewery-frequenters (i.e. ladies. Oh, and apologies to the one female micro-brewery-frequenter who reads this!) had. The best part was the fresh hops they gave us to garnish our beers.

The double-IPA, my personal and definitive favorite, with the fresh hops, paled all else in comparison (big fat beer pun intended).

Out back, more friendly and engaging staff members were doing a beer brewing demonstration. The best part? They encouraged us to go grab as many peaches as we wanted from the tree out back.

This place has the micro-brewery atmosphere you’re looking for: interactive, light-hearted, fun, and very, very, very good booze…and peaches. Go with your family, co-workers, dog, or even by yourself. You’ll have a good time. Cheers.

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