11th Annual Virginia Beer Festival

With Beach Brewing Co’s Prez Justin at a craft brew fest in Virginia Beach.

In honor of this upcoming weekend’s “11th Annual Virginia Beer Festival” in Norfolk…

Virginia has recently been giving Colorado a run for its money as a craft beer mecca (I’ll never skip an opportunity to suggest, nay, command a reader try Beach Brewing Co’s “Hoptopus Double IPA”). What really pleases me is that these Virginia breweries embody true regional character in their brand; whether it’s Beach Brewing Co’s tactfully appropriated ocean puns, or Blue Mountain Brewery’s artisan Appalachian presentation, you can’t help deny the Virginia identity you feel with these characteristically rich brews.

We’re very excited for Norfolk’s 11th Annual Virginia Beer Festival this Saturday (May 19th). There is a seriously long list of participating breweries, but we’ll save you the time and skip to the locals:

Beach Brewing Company (Virginia Beach)
Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company (Roseland)
Legend Brewing Company (Richmond)
Starhill Brewing Company (Charlottesville)
Williamsburg Ale Werks (Williamsburg)
St. George Brewing Company (Hampton)
O’Connor Brewing Company

Music, sunshine, friends, artful local brews: bliss is in Norfolk this Saturday…


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